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The project, The best accounting services of Slovenia (www.racunovodski-servisi.org), unite all of the best accounting companies in one place, since 2008. Accounting services are presented by regions, so that potential clients can quickly and easily find your accounting service and contact you for cooperation. You will find all the necessary data under the data section of the website (contacts, description of activities, photos). Even if the accounting company does not have a website of its own, here you can find all their activities presented in pictures and words.This project has gained significant visibility in the past 15 years of its successful existence and as such is the number 1 project in the field of accounting in Slovenia.

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We want to make the experience of searching for an accounting service easier for you. You do not need anymore to submit several inquiries to several different providers in order to compare different offers, now you only have to do it once.Send us a free inquiry and within 24 hours you will recieve several quality offers from different accounters. The companies are mostly verified and we regularly check costumer's experiences.
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For accounting companies we guarantee greater visibility on the market (you know that today the internet is the ''king of media'') and regularly reciving verified inquiries requiring your services. By participating in the project The best accounting services of Slovenia, you will greatly increase the visibility of your company which will be visible with all contact details, descriptions and pictures of your company. Check if your company does it qualify all the criteria for cooperate wit the project The best accounting services of Slovenia.
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Company name: 

Demar d.o.o.


Gmajna 10, 1236 Trzin

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SI56 1010 0005 3893 971

The company is registered: 

Okrožno sodišče v Ljubljani


Mario Šarčević


Mario Šarčevič

OWNER OF THE COMPANY M: 0590 74 060E: mario@racunovodski-servis.org

Stipe Jurić

PROJECT MANAGER M: 0590 74 062E: urednistvo@racunovodski-servis.org

Dunja Malkoč Bernik

HEAD OF MARKETING M: 0590 74 060E: info@racunovodski-servis.org

Patricija Grad

MARKETING ASSISTANT M: 0590 74 060E: info@racunovodski-servis.org

Matej Glivar

PR, PUBLIC RELATIONS M: 0590 74 062E: info@racunovodski-servis.org

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